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Look forward to an unrivalled experience at our Dinner in the Dark. The Ringhotel Goldener Knopf creates a grandiose atmosphere that will put your taste buds to the test. Where Joseph Victor von Scheffel – the author of the world-famous verse epic “Der Trompeter von Säckingen” – liked to spend his time, our Blind Dinner will thrill all your senses. The in-house kitchen provides for your culinary well-being and spoils you with a delicious 3-course menu. Look forward to exciting entertainment and a well-rounded, perfect evening, starting at 19:00

After greeting you in the softly lit entrance, our courteous staff will explain the Blind Dinner programme. The service staff is equipped with night vision equipment and will guide you to the event hall after the welcome. This is where the challenge starts: Take a seat in the pitch-dark room, arrange the glasses and cutlery correctly and estimate the distance to the person sitting next to, or opposite, you.

Can you guess what’s on your plate without being able to see the food? Put your taste buds to the ultimate test! Rely on your taste buds at this special dinner and experience your food in a new, intense sensory way.

Was that pear or apple in the dessert? “The Blind Dinner” is meant to introduce you to the world of blind people. For this reason, guests dine in a pitch-dark room. In total darkness, the “Ringhotel Goldener Knopf” will serve a delicious 3-course menu. Oh, how will your glass be refilled? How do you find your food on your plate and how do you cut it? Well, that’s exactly the point. Let your creativity flow and negotiate with the other people at the table how to master the challenge! Lights off – Senses on: Rely on your sense of hearing, touch, smell and, above all, taste and try to recognize all components, flavours and ingredients correctly. After the course, the service personnel will resolve the mystery. At the end, the room is slowly bathed in soft candlelight for your eyes to gradually get used to the light. For more Details …


21. November 2019

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23. November 2019

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