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The RINGHOTEL GOLDENER KNOPF is more than 550 years old.
It is the oldest fully licensed restaurant in Bad Säckingen

  • A 1456 Rheinfelder document mentions the “Herberg zem Kopf” in Säckingen (“‘Kopf” used here in the sense of beaker)
  • In 1466 Hans Schmidlin is mentioned as “Innkeeper at Knopf”, here the name had already changed
  • During the 16th century, the convent of Säckingen often accommodates and entertains its guests in the “Knopf”
  • 1590 the inn “Zum Roten Knopf” is sold
  • 1637 Schultheiss (old term for mayor) Adam Renck is mentioned as the owner of the “Herberge zum Knopf”
  • Around 1850 the poet Victor von Scheffel lives in the “Knopf” and writes his masterpiece, the “Trumpeter of Säckingen”
  • Until the 19th century, the ” Knopf ” was located on Market Square
  • In 1860, the inn was set up in the present building
  • From about 1880 our building is called “Zum Güldenen Knopf”
  • In 1953 sale of the “Knopf” to the Rothaus Brewery
  • In 1964 the De Bois family takes over the Goldener Knopf as tenant and finally buys it in 1970
  • 1973 Construction of the new building
  • 1991 Acquisition of the “Hotel Goldener Knopf” by Mr. Baur
  • 1992 – 1996 Renovation of the new building, conference rooms and kitchen
  • 1997 Purchase of the adjacent house “Standesamt”
  • 1998 Renovation and furnishing of new rooms
  • 2000 Renovation of the bar and renovation of the restaurant
  • In 2006 Mr. Christian Herzog took over the Goldener Knopf as tenant
  • September 2007: Purchase of the Hotel Goldener Knopf by Mr. Herzog
  • Winter 2010/2011: Renovation of 39 hotel rooms, 1st construction phase
  • Opening of the gourmet restaurant “VinoGusta” in May 2013
  • Winter 2013/2014: Renovation of 31 hotel rooms, 2nd construction phase
  • 2016: 10th anniversary of Mr. Herzog as operator of the Ringhotel Goldener Knopf
  • 25 February 2019: Fire in the cable duct. Our hotel suffers terrible damage, but no one is injured. As a result, 13 rooms cannot be used due to the restoration after the fire. Complete overhaul of the hotel technics.

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